Cold Mercy snippet!

I’m currently working away on Cold Mercy, the first in my Northern Wolves trilogy coming to you guys soon, and decided to give you all a quick peek:

A branch snapped behind her and the rush of fear through her left her bone cold. She could hear the harsh whuff of animal breathing behind her, the undercurrent of a nasty growl. Smuggler whined and thrashed on the leash, yanking free, and Eden lunged for her sled.

One hand closed over the canister of bear spray she always packed, just in case, when a mammoth paw knocked her sideways and sent her spinning. The fabric of her coat ripped easily under the violent slash of claws. Eden staggered, the canister still gripped in her hand, and she tried to keep her feet solidly underneath her, catching herself before she hit the ground. Pain lanced up her side, burning, white-hot as if fire seared over her skin where the animal had struck her.

Had to be a bear. She lifted her hand, fully intending to take aim, and came face to face with the biggest wolf she’d ever seen. Heart lodged in her throat, she froze, unable to breath. Eyes so dark they were nearly black, no pupil at all, stared out at her. Evil eyes, some niggling, frenzied part of her brain insisted. Demon eyes.


In other news… I’ll have the cover art and blurbs for this and Pale Moon Cry (A Shifter Town Enforcement novella) to reveal soon!

Six Sentence Sunday – Cry Sanctuary #6

This week, we’re still in my paranormal romantic suspense, Cry Sanctuary, Shifter Town Enforcement #2. Giving a sweet little excerpt today, before we move on to some more hair-raising scenes. ^_^ The hero, Caine, has just learned about Holly’s nickname (Ollie).

“I like it. It’s cute.”

When she didn’t say anything else, Caine leaned closer, “Are you willing to kiss me yet?”

He hadn’t thought the tips of her ears could get any redder, but they darkened, a blush highlighting her cheeks and he found himself laughing. A deep, throaty sound that reminded him eerily of a growl, but it was hardly menacing. Caine dropped her hair and wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, felt the shiver that danced through her at his touch.

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Six Sentence Sunday – Cry Sanctuary #3

Another snippet from Cry Sanctuary, my paranormal romantic suspense. This time from closer to the beginning. Getting a glimpse through Caine’s eyes when he first meets Ollie and well…she’s not exactly the woman he expected. He’s just put the ‘famous’ name to her face.

[She was the] one person to have seen the Hunter and live to tell about it. She didn’t look like the kind of woman who’d survived a serial killer. Hell, she didn’t much look like anything. She was pudgy in the gut, short with wide hips, and had black, wiry hair that frizzed out of the bun she had it tied back into. Her face was angular, hawkish.

He’d always pictured the survivor to be more…well…everything.

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Six Sentence Sunday – Cry Sanctuary #2

Well, this week I figured we’d do a lighter excerpt. :-p Something a bit more fun.The start of what I’m thinking will be a very nice evening… (And any constructive feed back is more than welcome, as I’m in edit-mode on this thing!)

Julie Falk – flickr

In one smooth movement, he scooped her up and slid her legs through the swing, setting her easily inside the old tire. He gave her a soft push from behind and whispered, “Stay.”

Like she would ruin this. No one had ever put this much thought into a date for her. Dinner and a movie, while a classic and exactly what she’d been expecting, had nothing on this. “My, my Mr. Wolf,” she whispered under her breath, grinning at the instantaneous chuckle it brought from him, “What clever ideas you have.”

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