Manly Muses

Well, this weekend I finally got to see the AVENGERS. I’ve been looking forward to this like crazy, but despite the hype around the movie…I was skeptical to see it in a packed theater. Ha, why? I have no idea. Three weeks in, it was still pretty busy and it didn’t matter. I blocked everyone in that theater out and had laugh out loud, rioting good time.

However, after a conversation lately with a friend about ‘muses’ I started to go my normal standby, thatif I had a muse, she’d be a workaholic. But after seeing this movie, coming out of pumped up with my creative juices flowing, ideas zinging off my brain like an electrical storm going haywire, I realized that’s not really the case.

My muse it seems, would be inspired by gorgeous hunks like the cast of the Avengers, in all out magical duels to save the world.

From Google Images

From Google Images

Seriously, this actor should never be allowed to cut his hair, or lose the sexy I-Am-The-God-Thor voice. Though he could definitely do his next movie shirtless. The Muse and I would both agree. Although, I am now crazy with the anticipation of the new Snow White movie, because, yeah, whoa:

From Google Images

So now that I think about it, my muse is a definitely overworked gal who is very much appreciative of the mancandy, especially those with really cool superpowers. Kind of like the men she writes. Go figure.

Now, as if I could stop with only one of the men from the Avengers, stay tuned next Monday. I shared my favorite of the superhero cast, but I think I’ll continue to work my way through the group. For a hint, next week’s manly muse needs to make me my own suit.