Six Sentence Sunday – Bending Steele #3

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Another snippet from my paranormal romance novella. This time from the bad guy’s POV. He’s hunting shapeshifters…

He licked his frozen teeth. The wily little cat thought she could outrun him going up, deeper.

But Jacks hadn’t come this far to give up. Dragging his ice pick and climbing gear out of his pack, he turned, scanning the cliff side for another way up. Tracking was always the hardest part, once he had them in sight, it was easy from there. Make sure they’d traded in human skin for animal fur, get them in the scope of his rifle, and…bang.


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Six Sentence Sunday – Bending Steele #2

This week, we have another snippet from my paranormal romance novella, Bending Steele. This is fairly early in their relationship. Hexe, the hero, has been slowly trying to woo the heroine, but I think she’s still feeling a tad defensive after last week. Especially after he took her only weapon away (though she did threaten to kill him).

He would only push her so far, see if she could let him in, but he wouldn’t force her.

“You look so…lost.”

She snorted. “You have a lot of weapons lying around.”

Steele tilted her head towards the fireplace along the back wall of the living room, and the metal pokers sitting beside it. “Bet you the kitchen has a few knives too.”

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ROW80 Mid-Week Check In

Since I’m only checking in on Wednesdays, this is going to cover the full week. This week has been a bit hit and miss. For a number of reasons.

Good Points:

  • I went through my ‘secret’ novella (a yet untitled Shifter Town Enforcement novella). The 8k I have needed some tweaks and some clean up, but it works very well and gives me a great point to jump back into the story and really get it going.
  • For the days I did write, I wrote over my minimum. I averaged roughly 2k words every time I sat down to write, thanks largely to #1k1hr on Twitter. It helps me set a time frame and stick to it.

Now, for the not so good points:

  • I over estimated how many words I can physically write at the moment. I have quite a bit of wrist pain (which I do blame on my early NaNoWriMo days, where I’d slam out 10k word days after 10k word days after not writing for months before). 1k words and I start to feel the ‘burn’. The problem lies, by 1k words, I’m just getting into the story. I don’t want to stop. Over the past few months I’ve tried new keyboards, new desk setups… so I finally caved and ordered Dragon Naturally Speaking after seeing it on Twitter. It should arrive this Thursday. I’m hoping it’ll give me option to keep writing even when my hands are done.
  • I’ve been struggling to settle on my next novel-length WIP. I’ve gone through a few ideas, done some discovery writing on them (largely what I did this week word-wise)… But I do think I’ll be reevaluating my goals for this upcoming week, to give myself time to focus before I dive in.

Goals for July 11th-18th

  • Weight lift three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). I’ve been a major slacker on this because I don’t enjoy weight lifting, however, it does strength my wrists and I can type for longer when I’m on a set routine.
  • Finish Bending Steele’s final edits.
  • Outline the end of the untitled Shifter Town Enforcement novella and get cracking on that. Minimum of 500 words. It’s doable, but under what causes me pain until I get my strength built back up.
  • Allow myself the freedom to play with several ideas, outline them, and see which one calls to me the most. And remind myself that it’s okay to write outside the box if I want to.
  • Start to acquaint myself with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Exciting news and #ROW80 Check in

First, because I’ve spent most of the morning squealing yesterday… Hounded managed to breach the Romantic Suspense Best Seller lists on Amazon again. It managed it about a week back at #99 on the Kindle Books Romantic Suspense list…but yesterday it managed to hit #83 in the Kindle Books–Romantic Suspense list and #93 in the overall Books–Romantic Suspense list! Thank you to all of my readers! I’m so glad to see so many people are enjoying Lennox, Kanon, and Tegan!

To celebrate, I’ve officially got the cover for Cry Sanctuary, Shifter Town Enforcement #2. This book will be releasing mid August. So in a little over a month!

Click if you’d like to see it bigger.🙂

As for my first ROW80 Check-In, so far things are looking good:

  • Bending Steele is officially complete and off to my critique partner. I’ve already gone over this story a few times, so it’s nice to pass it along for some fresh eyes.  And I’ll have a cover for this one to reveal this weekend.🙂
  • The tentative release date for Bending Steele is July 15th and it’s right on schedule!
  • I also managed around 2,500 words yesterday on my new novel WIP. So a really nice start to this week and this Round!