About Sadie Hart

Author of paranormal romances and erotica, Sadie lives in Michigan with two crazy, over-sized mutts, and a flying pig who believes he's a superhero.

CONTEST!!! How to enter!


The Prizes:

ONE winner will receive a free copy of Christmas Moon (STE novella), Frozen Mercy (Northern Wolves #2), and the first book in my new series coming next year.

How to Enter:

All you have to do to enter is leave an honest review on one of my books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads, then email me with a link to that review along with your preferred format for eBooks. What books are included in the contest for reviewing? Hounded, Cry Sanctuary, Big Cats Don’t Purr, the Shifter Town Enforcement Box Set, and Cold Mercy. Every review emailed to me gets an entry into a raffle which will be drawn on October 25th.

So Sadie you ask, what if I review them ALL? You get an entry for every book you review AND for each of the three places you post your review as long as you send me links to them in your email. So essentially one individual could enter 15 times (they’d have to review all of the books and post their review at all three places).

What if I’ve reviewed in the past? Link me to that one. It will still count as an entry and I’ll plug it into the raffle.

Where to send your entries: https://sadiehart.com/about/contact-me/ 


These are honest reviews. I’m not reading them, so no fears. Tell other readers what you thought of the books. I’m only marking down your entries.

Every review emailed to me gets an entry into a raffle which will be drawn on October 25th.

The more times you enter, the more chances you have to win. By following the above, you could enter up to 15 times.

Once I’ve pulled the winner on October 25th, they’ll receive the prizes as soon as each of the three books is done and I go to upload them. I’ll be sending those books to the winner FIRST before I start the process of uploads, so depending on fast vendors get them up, the winner could essentially get the books before anyone else.

Any questions, ask away in the comments!

Now Available: Big Cats Don’t Purr


AVAILABLE AT: Amazon || Smashwords

As the first lioness-shifter to become a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement, Sawyer Reyes often finds herself undercover in various prides. But when she stumbles across a 13-year-old girl with a death sentence she does the only thing she can think of: she takes the girl and runs, straight to the girl’s father.

Rift Callahan is a rogue lion in hiding; he’s spent the last thirteen years evading the pride males Sawyer has brought in on her tail. Not about to turn his back on his daughter, Rift isn’t about to let the sexy lioness go either, even if he feels she’s keeping secrets.

Now, with four pride males hunting them, it’s up to Sawyer to find a way to keep them all safe–even if it means walking away from the one man she’s come to love and the girl she’s come to think of as her own.


For those who follow me on Facebook, you know it’s been up on Amazon and Smashwords for several days now. So why the delay in the big announcements? Because I’m STILL having issues getting books loaded at Barnes and Noble.

So I apologize to all the Nook readers, I’m working on it!!! However, you can purchase an epub (which is readable on your Nook) from Smashwords. I truly apologize and I’ll be getting a hold of customer service again tomorrow.