Six Sentence Sunday

While I’m knee deep in this round of revisions on Hounded I’ve been playing with a few new ideas. Thought I’d mix things up a little this week and pull from one of them this week. This particular excerpt takes place in the same world as Hounded, the MMC is a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement, the MFC is a mechanic. So here’s a snippet from one of stories I’m testing out, these two amuse me:

“And I have Hounds swarming my garage, getting in my way, grabbing me—” She tried to pull away but he held fast, watching her, that guarded expression of his as infuriating now as it had been when they were married.

“You know that’s my shirt you’re wearing.”

“If you’d wanted it, you should have gotten it in the divorce.”

Finally, one corner of his lips hitched up in a smile. “It always did look better on you.”

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