The things my dog does…

The Moose can be a bit of a riot. Seriously. Half the time I wonder if I dropped her on her head when she was a puppy, and the other half of the time I’m convinced she’s part genius.

Oh sure, there’s the typical stuff. The watching TV (her favorite show right now is Chimp Eden, the screaming chimps totally fascinate her), the bouncier, bigger the balls are the better she likes them, and she absolutely cannot let me write without being wrapped around the rungs on my chair… No that’s all perfectly normal, sane doggie behavior.

However, let’s take some of her crazier stunts and divide them into two categories, shall we? We’ll even keep it to a theme. Moose helping me with the new fish.

Surely I Dropped the Puppy on her Head:

Cases in point: Like her need to hop up on the bed to try and reach her big, moose head into the aquarium while I suction water out for the water change. (Someday I’m gonna grow a third hand and get a picture of this!). Or her complete and utter need to hump the towels I use to keep from dripping water over the floor as I walk back and forth. Seriously, if she didn’t have a working Leave It, I’d have dumped a gallon jug of fresh water down my shirt and won a wet t-shirt contest. While she made out with the towel.

But then…

Genius Mastermind in Hiding:

She’s always liked my parent’s fish tank, but outside of watching them, I don’t think she’s ever cared much for the little guppies. Maybe she can’t see them well? But the Platy Ladies? Heh. Oh, like is a little too weak a word.

She’ll grab her squeaker stuffies or tug toy and take them to the Ladies, roo-rooing at them through the glass while she tries to give the fishies her toys. She’s also utterly convinced that when I feed the fish, they’re really getting treats and madly rushes for the doggie ones – and even more crazy? I’ve been hand feeding the Ladies (what can I say, I like tame fish). So when I didn’t get the gist of her master plan, she ran over hand touched my free hand, and when that failed, she half hopped up on her back feet to nose touch the glass where my fish-feeding hand was getting nibbled by platy mouths.

Doofus dog or genius dog? I think she’s a little bit of both, but heck, she sure does make me laugh. What about those of you with pets? Any crazy (or sheer genius) stunts they play?

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