Shifter Town Enforcement Series




Reading Order:

All books in the Shifter Town Enforcement series can be read as standalones.


Shifter Town Enforcement #1

Lion-shifter Kanon Reyes is being framed for murder, so it’s up to his partner Tegan Sharpe, and the sexy Shifter Town Enforcement agent Lennox Donnelly to keep him from a silver bullet. But when more people end up dead, it’s not just Kanon they have to save. Now, the three of them will have to open their hearts and work together to stop a killer.

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Cry Sanctuary
Shifter Town Enforcement #2

The Hunter, a werewolf serial killer has managed to claim fourteen lives before Holly Lawrence, a Hound from STE finally got close enough to catch him…and lost him. Now, he’s targeting the wolf pack of Sanctuary Falls and it’s up to Holly and the pack’s alpha, Caine Morgan, to stop the Hunter from killing again. But this time, the Hunter isn’t just weeding the weak from the pack…he’s playing a deadly game to lure in the one prey who ever got away: Holly.

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Big Cats Don’t Purr
Shifter Town Enforcement #3

As the first lioness-shifter to become a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement, Sawyer Reyes often finds herself undercover in various prides. But when she stumbles across a 13-year-old girl with a death sentence she does the only thing she can think of: she takes the girl and runs, straight to the girl’s father.

Rift Callahan is a rogue lion in hiding; he’s spent the last thirteen years evading the pride males Sawyer has brought in on her tail. Not about to turn his back on his daughter, Rift isn’t about to let the sexy lioness go either, even if he feels she’s keeping secrets.

Now, with four pride males hunting them, it’s up to Sawyer to find a way to keep them all safe–even if it means walking away from the one man she’s come to love and the girl she’s come to think of as her own.

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Christmas Moon
A Shifter Town Enforcement novella

Featuring Breanne Torres.

This novella will also be found in Christmas Hearts: A Christmas Short Story Anthology