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Author of paranormal romances and erotica, Sadie lives in Michigan with two crazy, over-sized mutts, and a flying pig who believes he's a superhero.


I think the first step–before I go into any detailed updates, is to apologize to everyone. I disappeared for quite a little time to deal with with things happening in my personal life, but this place has been quiet for way longer than I wanted it to be. I am sorry and I thank everyone who’s stuck around, emailed me asking me how things are going, and most importantly, loved my books. You’ll be seeing a lot of activity from me in the next few months, so I hope it makes up for my absence the first half of the year.

Shifter Town Enforcement

For those who’ve been following this site rather closely know I’d planned a novella in the STE series titled Pale Moon Cry. It was not related to the main storyline. I ended up shelving the project for my sanity. I do hope to go back to it, but we’ll see. My main concern is getting the next book out to you guys.

On a happier front, I hope to have Big Cats Don’t Purr, Shifter Town Enforcement #3 available early September! The first draft is written, it’s currently in revision hell, will shortly be making it’s rounds with my beta readers, and is slated to go to my editor in August. I am terribly sorry the book has been pushed back as far as it has been, but things are moving and it’s coming! Thank you all for your patience and I’m so sorry for the delay.

What can you expect coming up like NOW?

The cover art and blurb reveal for Big Cats Don’t Purr. I should have the final cover art ready to go up tomorrow!


Northern Wolves

Frozen Mercy, Northern Wolves #2 will be coming this winter! With Barren Mercy, the final book in the trilogy hitting early next year (hopefully right around spring thaw :-p).


Other Stuff

The website will be undergoing some changes here within the next few weeks. I’ll roll them out slowly, but everything will look a little neater shortly. There will also be a few changes on the business side of things that I’ll address once I work them out. Hopefully it’ll make my life easier.

Be on the lookout for Bending Steele going FREE. This will be a limited time deal (though it’s currently on sale for $0.99), but I hope to drop the price on this next month. So if you’ve been waiting to try it, keep an eye out for in July! If you don’t want to wait and haven’t read it yet, email me! I’ll send you a copy now.

I also have a few secret projects I’m working on behind the scenes that I hope to update you guys about soon. I promise, they’re good projects. Ones I really think you’ll enjoy.

Taking a Step Back – Delays and an apology

As the end of January nears…I’m sure quite a few of you are wondering where the promised Shifter Town Enforcement novella is… After all, it was originally promised in November.

To be honest, when I started this novella, I never thought it would be this hard to write. I surely never thought that it would best me. I’ve redone this novella several times, restarted it from scratch so many times I now have multiple folders inside folders, trying to keep myself organized with which is latest version.

I’ve even tried scrapping the original entirely and completely forgetting every word I’d ever written on it. Something about this project calls to me, but my gosh I can’t seem to get it to work. But what’s making this even harder is the looming deadline.

I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist–I was the straight-A student in class who never missed a deadline. Heck, I was never late and I surely never missed an assignment, let ALONE the deadline. And these past few months I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues, things I just don’t feel comfortable talking about in public–but I will say, that the missed deadline in November was quite alarming to me, and I’ve driven myself into quite a bit of a panic lately.

I don’t like having to admit to another delay, and I am so truly sorry. Because right now, life and this little novella have bested me quite a bit (honestly, I think it’s more *life* than the novella, but right now, they both seem linked to me). So I’m taking some time.
I’m going to step back. I’m not putting this book on a deadline (and I am going to work on other projects while I try and figure it out), but I will be rather quiet in the online world. I will do my best to keep up with emails, and definitely all Authorgraphs and swag requests. I don’t know when Pale Moon Cry will be out, I really hope it’s before Big Cats Don’t Purr–but thankfully, this novella isn’t connected to the main storyline so it’s place on the timeline is flexible.

I’m really sorry you guys. I’m by no means backing down, but I’m giving myself breathing room and relaxing some stress in my life–that way I’ll hopefully be back in top form soon.

New Year’s Blog Hop


Happy New Year! For me, the new year brings a new book release…and the question of, what type of author swag do readers like the most? Bookmarks? Cover flats? Magnets? You name it!

So for the giveaway for this blog hop (which will automatically enter you into the GRAND PRIZE giveaways… List your favorite type of author swag and leave your email address!



4 Commenters to do the above will win a free eBook copy of Cold Mercy!



Bay Hollister dreams he’s a monster. A bloodthirsty wolf, to be exact, but when the animal in his nightmares attacks a woman, the last thing he expects is for her to be real.

Eden Marks has a broken dog sled and a torn jacket–but she’s still not sure what attacked her the other morning. After all, wolves the size of bears don’t exist. But when she meets Bay, they both discover a side of Mercy Pass they never knew existed: Huge, white werewolves, frost-touched trolls, and the queen of the winter Fae, whose dark magic is waking and slowly growing stronger.

And when the queen calls her wolves to her each night, Bay struggles not to succumb. But as he fights to make the beast inside of him his own, it’s Eden who calls to the man in him and makes him feel human. However, against a foe that will show no mercy, will their newly-forged love be enough? Or will the last shreds of Bay’s humanity fade away until he becomes just another beast of the night…

And then everyone who comments following the above criteria is entered in to win:

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
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